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In 1985 Harry Denger founded Baywest Homes with the construction of the first home, a two storey located in Calgary’s Woodbine community.  The home was designed with an open feel and had a large kitchen and spacious master bedroom which went against what other builders were doing at the time.  Toiling in a difficult market during an economic downturn, this first showhome gave Baywest a chance to showcase their product against some of the biggest players of the day, and Baywest’s reputation for quality began to spread.


The business was a family affair right from the start.  Harry’s wife and daughter helped with multiple roles in the office, and his son Steve loved to work with his hands and became a journeyman carpenter.  Today, Steve is Baywest Homes' General manager,  a board member and a major shareholder.  Baywest Homes was a small family-run business that produced a great home for its customers and that’s exactly what Harry wanted.


Building momentum, Baywest would ultimately average 50 – 60 homes a year when William Pringle, the chairman of Bordeaux Properties, gave Harry a call in the fall of 2001.  The timing was perfect, and Harry admitted it was time “to make room for the young people”.  He realized that a younger generation, when given the opportunity, can often make a success for themselves and the business, and that’s what happened at Baywest.


Harry only needed two commitments from Bordeaux to seal the deal.  Financial compensation was of course a given, but more important to Harry was the security of the people who had made Baywest what it was.  “I needed a commitment that our operating philosophies and people would not change, and Bill had no hesitation”.  Today, Baywest Homes and its sister company, Bodeaux Developments  are under the umbrella  Bordeaux Properties group of companies.  It’s been over 10 years since the partnership between Baywest and Bordeaux was formed.  Harry has stepped back from an active role and into his retirement, and Baywest Homes is now an employee owned company with all managers in staff presented with the option to become owners within the company structure. 


Under the leadership of Steve Denger and the management team, Baywest  has a time honoured reputation as  one of Calgary's specialty builders, focusing on customized and full custom homes in the city’s most dynamic new and inner city communities. Founded on a 26 year legacy of quality custom craftsmanship and one-on one- relationships, Baywest is an award winning builder who truly understands how to cater to clients. For us, custom is standard. Out of this tradition, we have engineered a 'made to measure' building experience for our clients.   Few other production builders give clients the freedom and flexibility to move, modify, alter and architecturally adjust in such significant ways. Our ultimate goal is to enable homeowners to create remarkable homes of greater personal value that they’ll love and live in- longer. 


Baywest measures success not by the volume of homes we build but by the quality of the experience. While we’ve grown from a small group of dedicated individuals to over 40 employees, we pride ourselves on preserving a special ‘small company’ feel. It’s this energy and flexibility that drives our team to expect more from themselves and the company. Lastly, in owning a piece of Baywest, the employee group are motivated to deliver more to their clients- today and in the future.